Saturday, October 4, 2014 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
I-Lipo Xcell certificate (8 sessions-laser liposuction)
Provided by: Peak Performance Chiropractic
Value: $2,000
*Every hour a name will be drawn for a $20 Garden Buffet gift card* courtesy of Community Papers of WNY

Energy Coffee/Cheese Filled Pepperoni
Provided by: Healthy Habits
Value: $40

Olive Oil Decanter & Olive Oil
Provided by: The Brothers of Mercy
Value: $33

Gift Basket
Provided by: Univera Healthcare
Value: $50

Gift Certificate for Services
Provided by: WNY Dermatology
Value: $50

Dog & Cat Food & Treats
Provided by: Blue Buffalo Co.
Value: $100

Gift Basket
Provided by: Vinecroft Retirement Community
Value: $75

Complimentary First Visit
Provided by: Timothy Miller, ND
Value: $100